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Blockchain for Enterprises

Đại học Quốc tế Miền Đông 28/05/2019 lúc 09:30 196
Blockchain for Enterprises

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A session of networking with industry professionals as we explore the impact and usage of Blockchain across various industries.

About this Event Blockchain for Enterprises

Business blockchains are used today to help reinvent how transactions are managed. They can take time and costs out of almost any process, enabling near real-time operations.

Business blockchains can operate as standalone solutions, but the value realized increases significantly when they’re combined with other technologies, such as automation or artificial intelligence, to reimagine an entire end-to-end process.

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Although a new and nascent technology, Blockhain has found its way into various industries and business operations.

Join us for this session as we explore the opportunities Blockchain presents across industries.

Intelizest designs, develops, and deploys digitally advanced solutions within IT. We use our expertise in cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain to develop and implement high-quality yet cost-effective software solutions, which can coexist with the base IT infrastructure that our clients currently use.

Intelizest has released 2 Enterprise Solutions on Blockchain (Hyperledger) – RekoChain and Beast.

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9:30 sáng - 12:00 chiều (GMT+0700)

Địa điểm

Đại học Quốc tế Miền Đông
Đường Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, P. Định Hòa, Tp. Thủ Dầu Một - Bình Dương Xem bản đồ
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